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Content Writers

A person who just loves writing (preferably in digital form). What we are looking for is a person who enjoys writing out of passion first. Regarding topic of your writing, it can be anything. From writing copies of landing pages of corporate sites to reviewing your favorite stuffs online. Minimum Requirements:

  1. A graduation degree
  2. English must be good. 10/10. Really.
  3. Sound knowledge on computers/internet.

Chances are high…

  1. If familiar with WordPress or Blogspot perspectives
  2. If familiar with SEO-basics like impact of a good title, keywords and heading on a page
  3. If familiar with social-networks

What will be he/she doing at iDev…

  1. Writing for iDev services or iDev Blogs network or both
  2. If he/she performs well, he/she will grow towards becoming an editor in iDev Blogs network.
  3. Will work with sales & marketing team to prepare iDev’s and its client’s corporate presentations, promotional material kind of stuff.

Project Manager

Someone who can mange and lead teams of hardworking developers and designers at iDev. As our team is growing very fast, we need a project manager/team leader who knows how to document the process and extremely good at the art of getting things done. She will be never expected to do any kind of designing/development/coding/testing herself, but if she has some experience that will make her a good fit for this role. Minimum Requirements:

  1. English must be good. Written English as well as verbal English.
  2. Management degree is not must but must be able to prove managerial skills.
  3. Should be very punctual. As her getting late in office by an hour can waste other iDev employees valuable time. No matter what happens she should be in office by 9AM.
  4. Should have respect for team-members no matter how junior they are. There is no place for ego at iDev.

Chances are high…

  1. If someone is having a formal work-experience as manager/team-leader/senior-developer.
  2. If one have managed/worked on WordPress or web-designing project.
  3. If she has used Google docs, Skype, NoteableApp, ActiveCollab/Basecamp or any other task-management/online-collaboration application.

What will be she doing at iDev…

  1. The main goal will be to manage a team of designers and developers. She will be responsible for smooth collaboration among them.
  2. She will be interacting with sales team and clients on different aspects of projects.
  3. For technical assistance, she will always have a developer with her. Her mission should be like getting-things-done, and not like do-it-yourself!
  4. She should love creating & executing management processes. She will get all tools needed to fulfill just one goal – increasing overall productivity through better management rather than overtime-culture.

WordPress Theme Developer

For this post, one need to know only one thing – developing WordPress theme from scratch! Minimum Requirements:

  1. Must know PHP very well.
  2. Must know WordPress theme designing in and out.
  3. Must be extremely good in CSS, jQuery and other elements stuff that a premium WordPress theme needs.

Chances are high…

  1. If one can create a WordPress theme options page.
  2. If one have worked on a theme framework like Hybrid, Thesis, etc.
  3. If one knows how to use Cufon, Google fonts API, etc
  4. If one can use WordPress custom posts and design a custom template for them.

What will be he/she doing at iDev:

  1. In first month, he/she will be trained to use our internal theme framework.
  2. At the same time he/she will be guided to meet coding & quality standards we follow.
  3. If he/she turns out to be good at communicating with other people then he/she may get an option to lead team very early.
  4. He/she will be encouraged to develop and release themes

WordPress Plugin Developer

This post if for the person who believes “Code is Poetry” and enjoys coding stuff on WordPress. Minimum Requirements

  1. Must know WordPress well enough. Enough means should be knowing WordPress beyond installation.
  2. Must have experience of modifying existing WordPress plugins at source-code level.
  3. Must know what is the difference between actions and filters!
  4. Decent knowledge of core PHP, familiarity with CSS and jQuery is expected.

Chances are high…

  1. If one have developed any WordPress themes or plugin from scratch.
  2. If one have developed something on BuddyPress.
  3. if one have run a blog of any size using any platform.
  4. If one have an active in community in any form. Be it #wordpress IRC channel, WordPress Codex, WordPress forum or any other place where they are talking about WordPress!

What he/she will be doing at iDev:

  1. The main responsibility will be to create plugins for WordPress/BuddyPress/bbPress.
  2. He/she will be always encouraged to go after quality work. Its not quantity but quality of work/codes, that will define your growth at iDev.
  3. At iDev, he/she will be free to start his/her day from Google reader, facebook, twitter. We are all social animals here.

Linux/Server Admin

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Must know Linux very well. We don’t expect one to memorize all commands though!
  2. Must know FTP/phpMyAdmin very well.
  3. Must know how DNS works.
  4. Must know Apache very well. Stuff like .htaccess, virtual-hosts are mandatory.
  5. Must know shell scripting, linux cron basics atleast.
  6. Must tell us the difference between symbols: # (hash) and $ (dollar)

Chances are high…

  1. If one knows how to move sites using ssh/scp/rsync.
  2. If one knows about Nginx configuration.
  3. If one have ever played with rsanpshot

What he/she will be doing at iDev:

  1. In first week, Linux skilled will be polished. He/she will be given hypothetical problems and test environment to work on.
  2. Once one have proven his/her command, he/she will be given an opportunity to work on real-world problems.
  3. If one is interested in Nginx, you will be given full-fledged training on Nginx.

PHP Developers

This is for guys who can code using PHP. Freshers will be preferred. Minimum Requirements:

  1. Must know core PHP very well.
  2. Ability to solve problem logically rather than trail-n-error approach.
  3. Familiarity with java-script and CSS is expected.

Chances are high…

  1. If one have used cURL library in PHP.
  2. If one have parsed XML or RSS/ATOM feeds in PHP – with or without third-party libraries.
  3. If one have used any web-service API. (Example – Twitter API / FaceBook API)

What will be he/she doing at iDev:

  1. In first month, PHP skilled will be polished. One will be trained for WordPress development.
  2. If one can catch up with WordPress faster, he/she will be given some in-house/open-source WordPress projects to work on.
  3. Once one becomes WordPress pro, he/she will spend time on creating themes and/or plugins for WordPress/BuddyPress/bbPress.
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